BPPRo Eco New Paver Cleaner

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Product Specifications

BP Pro ECO-NEW Concentrate is designed specifically to remove the naturally occurring white mineral salt deposits called efflorescence, rust and cement hazing caused by stabilizing sand that discolors the surface of block paving as well as other man made building materials. It is designed for professional use only and is a concentrated blend of acid cleaning agents. ECO-NEW is a concentrated professional grade formula that is a non-fuming phosphate free product that specifically targets and dissolves these crystalline structures better than other acid based cleaners.
ECO-NEW Concentrate also contains an additive that helps lift and easily rinse the surface after cleaning. It does not contain any hydrochloric, hydrofluoric, bleach, caustic, mineral acids or petroleum distillates. It is has the consistency of water, is an opaque yellow liquid in appearance and has a mild odor. We recommend using BP Pro ECO-NEW Concentrate specifically, and only where possible, on areas with traces of efflorescence prior to sealing.

$48 each

Size:1 gallon

Estimated Coverage:150-250 sq ft per gallon

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