Product Specifications

Atlantic’s pump vaults house and protect the pumps and plumbing of underground water storage and circulation systems. Atlantic’s newly redesigned Pump Vaults occupy the same footprint as Eco-Blox for simplified installation within a rectangular basin. The vaults are rotomolded of virtually indestructible polyethylene for long, worry-free service. They have an extremely strong low profile vault lid that fits all sizes, support gravel and foot traffic and can be removed without gravel falling in. The flat panels accommodate up to 3″ plumbing and auto fills. Either slotted side of Vault handles double the rated flow so one side can be blocked by liner without effecting capacity. The pump vault extensions increase the height of the vault in deeper, larger basins, with each extension the height of one Eco-Blox. All Vaults accommodate two or more pumps for versatility. The remote Pump Vault allows submersible pump location outside of lined reservoir. The PV7500 has a maximum pump flow fo 7,500 GPH and has an opening of 12.25” x 14.75”. The PV7500 has a discharge of 1.5” and 2” and is best used with the ECOBLOX-SMALL. It has a lifetime warranty.

$270 each

Size:27"L x 16"W x 20¾"H

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